Bottoms Up: Laying the Right Foundation for Your Manufactured Home

As we age and near or reach retirement age, the prospect of caring for a larger home may be less appealing than it was 20 or 30 years ago. At this point in our lives, we want to be able to celebrate all the work we put into our careers, raising a family, and everything in between. That’s why so many people in the 55+ community are relocating to smaller homes in Washington state. Manufactured homes are becoming an increasingly popular solution.

At ECM Homes, we’re proud to be a licensed dealer of Palm Harbor Homes. Our manufactured homes are spacious, energy-efficient, and easily accessible. And it all starts with ensuring your new home is built on a solid foundation.

Selecting the Right Foundation for Your Manufactured Home

We deliver homes to Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, and Clallam counties. But before we deliver your new home, we want to ensure that the foundation is ready to go, and able to hold the new structure. Understanding some of the common foundation types might help.

A strong foundation is key for any home. It keeps the house steady and safe. Think of it as the home’s feet. Just like you need good shoes for support, a home needs a solid foundation. It keeps the house stable, keeps moisture out (an important quality in Washington state), and makes the home last longer.

Let’s take a look at the most common manufactured home foundations.

Pier Foundations

Pier foundations use posts or columns to hold up the home. They are good for uneven land. This type of foundation is generally quick to set up and can be a cost-effective choice. But it’s not the best for very cold places, and as a result, they’re not as common in the Pacific Northwest because piers keep the home off the ground. While this allows air to flow underneath, it is best suited for warmer year-round climates.

Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are solid, one-piece concrete floors that lay directly on the ground. This type is strong and keeps moisture out well. It’s the most popular choice and saves money. These slab foundations are best where the ground does not freeze. They are quick to prepare, so you can move into your home sooner.

Slab Foundation with Concrete Block Skirting

This foundation adds blocks around the slab for better curb appeal and strength. It makes the home look better from the outside and is preferred by many manufactured homeowners. The blocks also protect the home from cold and pests. This choice adds a bit to the cost but offers more in looks and protection. This is the most common type of foundation that we use at ECM Homes.

Crawl Space Foundations

Occasionally, homes are built with a crawl space underneath to provide for access to plumbing and wires or to create additional storage. In these cases, a crawl space foundation can life the home off the ground by a few feet. It helps prevent water from entering the home, especially in areas where the ground may be damp. However, these foundations can be more costly down the road as you need to monitor moisture levels and often treat for pests and rodents.

Basement Foundations

Basements are rare when it comes to manufactured homes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. And, these foundations tend to be the strongest of all the options. They create an extra floor under the house. This space can be used for storage, an extra bathroom, more bedrooms, etc. Basements are great in cold climates because they are below the frost line. However, they are the most expensive and take longer to build. They add value to your home with more space and protection.

Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Home

If you’re interested in relocation and downsizing to a manufactured home, ECM Homes offers two existing communities for your consideration: Lavender Meadows and Crystal Mountain MHC. Both of these planned communities are designed for those 55+ that are looking for an active and fulfilling retirement. However, we can deliver your manufactured home to another property, especially if you already have the lot and just need the home.

With whichever location you choose, we’ll work with you to discuss the best foundation needs based on your chosen floor plan. We’re committed to providing options that suit your tastes, budget, and the structural integrity of your new manufactured home.

ECM Homes is Your Partner for Elite Custom Manufactured Homes

Are you ready to create a fulfilling future in your new manufactured home? Let those days of caring for a large, aging home fall by the wayside. With ECM Homes, we have many floor plans to choose from—the home for you is just waiting for you to find it.

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