Discover the Secrets of Kid-Friendly Living in Manufactured Homes

little girl with her dogWe spend a lot of time talking about how manufactured homes are perfect for those who want to downsize, those who want a mother-in-law suite, or those looking to purchase a home for their retirement years. And while many people purchase manufactured homes in Washington state for this very reason, there are plenty of other homebuyers that can benefit from these upscale, highly affordable homes. In fact, plenty of families reach out to us too, excited about the benefits of manufactured home living. So, to answer your question, are manufactured homes good for kids? The answer is, absolutely, YES! Manufactured homes are very kid-friendly!

Manufactured Homes: A Home for Every Stage of Life

Celebrated for their versatility, Manufactured homes have long been serving many homeowners. From those seeking a cozy retirement nest to young professionals craving a customized living space. These kid-friendly homes are crafted with diverse lifestyles in mind. This ensures a perfect match for every stage of life.

But beyond their appeal to retirees and single adults, manufactured homes also brilliantly cater to families with children. These kid-friendly homes offer a nurturing environment designed to grow with a family. They also provide not just a house but a true home where lifelong memories are made.

Read on for just a handful of the reasons that manufactured homes are kid-friendly and perfect for families.

1. Single-Level Living: Safety and Convenience

Manufactured homes are often designed with single-floor layouts, eliminating the need for staircases. This is particularly beneficial for families with young children or babies, as it reduces the risk of falls and makes it easier for parents to hear and monitor their children during the night. Additionally, this layout can help keep the family connected, as all rooms are more accessible and centralized.

2. Customizable Land Use: Freedom to Play

One of the unique advantages of manufactured homes is the ability to place them on any properly developed plot of land. For families who value outdoor space, this means the opportunity to secure larger lots where children have ample room to play and explore safely. Whether setting up a backyard playground, planting a garden, or having space for outdoor family activities, manufactured homes provide the flexibility to create a kid-friendly outdoor environment.

3. Eco-Friendly Living: Sustainable Values

Manufactured homes are built in a controlled factory setting. This enhances construction efficiency and significantly reduces waste and environmental impact compared to traditional site-built homes. For families, living in a manufactured home can be a practical demonstration of environmental stewardship, teaching children the importance of sustainability.

Moreover, these homes often include energy-efficient features like better insulation and energy-saving appliances, which promote a healthier living environment. But wait, there’s more! For parents who want to raise their kids in a sustainable environment from the get-go, a manufactured home on your own remote plot of land provides ample opportunity to:

  • Grow Your Fruits and Vegetables: Cultivate a personal garden where kids can learn about food’s origin and the value of self-sustainability.
  • Raising Farm Animals: Utilize spacious land to raise cattle and goats, provide fresh milk, and teach children about animal care.
  • Building an On-Premise Compost Station: Educate children on recycling organic waste and the benefits of composting for enriching soil health.
  • Installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Collect and use rainwater for gardening and other household needs, demonstrating water conservation.
  • Utilizing Solar Energy: Integrate solar panels to power your home. You can reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy sources and instilling energy awareness in young minds. Solar panels can save you up to $1,500 annually in energy costs.

4. Community Amenities: Built-in Social Opportunities

Many manufactured home communities offer amenities that cater specifically to families. These can include playgrounds, community pools, and recreational centers, which provide safe and convenient places for children to play and socialize.

For parents, these amenities offer the dual benefit of keeping children active and engaged while fostering a sense of community among neighbors.

5. Affordability: More Resources Left Over for Family Needs

Let’s face it—raising a family these days is seriously expensive. An article a few years back from the U.S. Department of Agriculture indicates that raising a child from birth to age 17 can cost a middle-income married couple about $233,610. That’s a serious chunk of change, and let’s be clear—that estimate was pre-pandemic and does not include the cost of college. Today? That cost might be closer to $306,924.

Moreover, manufactured homes today are built with the highest quality. They are more upscale than ever before. But they don’t come with the same high cost as traditional “stick-built” homes. The Manufactured Housing Institute says that the average cost per square foot for a manufactured home is about $85 versus $167.87 for a stick-built home. That’s a significant difference!

Flexibility in Design: Tailoring Your Home to Meet Family Needs

Many people don’t realize that you can customize a manufactured home to meet your needs. From options to upgrades, there are so many choices that you can control. As children grow, their needs change, and manufactured homes can adapt accordingly. For instance, what once was a nursery can be easily modified into a study area for school-aged children, complete with desks and bookshelves.

Safety is another big consideration, especially for families with young children. Manufactured homes can be easily equipped with child-proof safety features, such as secured windows and safety gates. This ensures your home environment is as safe as possible for little ones.

Here are some popular manufactured home features for families with kids:

  • Decks and Porches: Extend your living space outdoors, which is perfect for family activities and safe play for children.
  • Kitchen Island: Provides additional seating and a convenient spot for quick meals, making it a hub for family interaction.
  • Tubs and Double Vanities: Tubs make bath time for little ones easier, and double vanities in bathrooms allow multiple children to get ready simultaneously, easing the morning rush.
  • Shelving Options: Ample shelving helps organize toys, books, and educational materials, keeping the home tidy and functional.
  • Super Strong Materials: Select materials that can withstand wear and tear from kids, ensuring the home remains in good condition as the family grows.

Is Your Family Considering a Manufactured Home in Washington State?

Whether you are thinking of starting a family or you are a young family with growing kids, manufactured home living can provide you with all of the upscale options at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home. To get started with a manufactured home in Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, and Clallam counties, check out our frequently asked questions and then contact us.

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