Can Manufactured Homes be Handicap Accessible? YES!

Everyone deserves a home that’s easy to live in, regardless of mobility. For folks with disabilities or those who find moving around tougher as they get older, it’s a must That’s where ECM Homes steps in.

We’re all about working with you to select options to make your new manufactured home as accessible as possible. This means we design manufactured homes just for everyone’s needs. With ECM Homes, you can be sure your home will fit you perfectly. The result? A happier, healthier, and more comfortable lifestyle.

Being handicap-accessible means designing a home so everyone can use it. This may mean the occupant requires a wheelchair, has trouble walking, or faces other mobility challenges. It’s all about removing barriers so everyone can move freely and safely.

Typical modifications include ramps for easy entry and exit, wider doorways that allow wheelchairs to pass through without a squeeze, and special parking spots that give extra space for getting in and out of vehicles. Inside, everything is set up so it’s within reach and easy to use.

This means light switches and thermostats are placed lower, and there are no steps that could trip someone up. Bathrooms might have grab bars and walk-in showers to make bathing safer, and kitchens should be designed so everyone can use them, regardless of their height or mobility.

These changes aren’t just about meeting standards; they’re about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and independent.

Creating Accessibility in Manufactured Homes

As we get older, moving around can become harder. About one-third of people in their 70s and most in their 80s find it tough to get around their own homes. Staying active is key to staying healthy, but many folks over 65 aren’t as active as they should be. This can lead to health problems and make it hard to move around.

That’s why making homes easy for everyone is so important. Let’s see how manufactured homes can be made accessible.

Wheelchair Ramps and Access Points

Homes need ramps so everyone can enter easily. These ramps should be gentle enough to roll up without much effort, at least 36 inches wide, and have flat spots for resting if they’re long. Doors must also be wide, around 42 to 48 inches, so wheelchairs can fit through.

Parking and Walkways

Parking spaces should be big, with lots of room for wheelchairs to get in and out. Paths leading to the door need to be wide, too, making coming and going simple. Be sure that the lot you select for your mobile home offers enough space for a wide driveway to be poured.

Front Door and Foyer Accessibility Checklist

The front door should be easy to open, with handles that work with one hand and a clear view for safety. The doorway should be wide, and there should be no big step to get inside. Inside, everything should be easy to reach and use.

Bathroom Accessibility Features

ECM Homes offers big 80” showers that can be modified to make getting in and out easy. Bathrooms can also have special features like bars to hold onto and space to move around safely.

Accessibility Inside the Home

Controls for things like the heat and lights should be low enough for everyone to reach. There should also be enough room to move easily in bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. This makes living at home comfortable and safe for everyone, no matter their age or mobility.

Benefits of Choosing a Manufactured Home for Accessibility

Choosing a manufactured home for accessibility comes with big benefits, especially if you need an ADA (handicapped) accessible space. These homes are great because they’re flexible. You can change them to fit your needs, like making it easier to get around if moving is tough. Since the plans already follow HUD rules, it’s easy to make them work for anyone, even removing hallways to open up the space.

And, you get to pick how your home looks and works. Want a certain room layout or special finishes? No problem. You have lots of choices to make your home just right for you. ECM Homes offers many options, so you can make your home your own.

Whether you need special door widths or easy-to-reach controls, a manufactured home can be tailored to meet your accessibility needs, all with your personal touch.

ECM Homes is Your Partner for Handicap-Accessible Living

ECM Homes in Washington is here to make sure your home fits your life, no matter what. We believe everyone deserves a place where they feel comfortable and free to be themselves. Our manufactured homes are designed with your needs in mind, offering flexibility and a wide range of customization options.

Whether you’re looking for ramps, wide doorways, or special bathroom setups, we’ve got the options for you. Our commitment to accessibility means we’re dedicated to creating spaces that meet ADA standards and reflect your personal style and preferences.

With ECM Homes, you’re not just getting a house but a home tailored to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Let us be your partner in crafting a space that’s accessible, comfortable, and uniquely yours.