Décor Options

It's All About Choice!

As one of the leading manufactured home dealers in Washington State, we know that choosing the right décor and color combinations for your new home is key to enhancing its overall look and feel. It's important to select options that not only match the style and design of your home but also contribute to a cohesive and attractive aesthetic. By exploring various décor styles and color palettes, you can personalize your space to reflect your unique taste while maintaining a harmonious theme throughout.

Taking it to the Next Level

Remember that thoughtful decisions regarding decor and color can greatly impact the appearance of your new manufactured home, transforming it into inviting and visually appealing spaces.

Whether it's selecting tile or paint colors, each choice plays a significant role in elevating the ambiance of your new home. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can create a welcoming environment that showcases your personality and enhances the overall appeal of your manufactured home.

At ECM Homes, we're not like the other manufactured home dealers in Washington state; we believe that giving you more quality choices and high-end options compliments and enhances your creative sensibilities. We're sure you'll agree.

Décor Boards

Optional Interior Colors

Paint Color Visualizer

Interior Paint Options
  • If you have an exterior photo of the home you want to use select Paint A Photo on the bar right above the picture. Select the Upload Your Photo image.
  • No exterior photo? You can use one of their default images. Select “More Scenes” at the bottom right of the picture. This will let you select a different exterior or interior picture.
  • Below the home picture is a section of color swatches. Click Add Color then Search Color.
  • Type in the 4 digit paint number. Select the Plus on the Color Swatch that matches the number and name.
  • You can add a couple colors before going back to the photo.
  • When you are done adding colors, Press Cancel and then Close. That will bring you back to the picture.
  • Select a color from your color palette and then click on the photo where you want the color (trim, main body, eves).
  • Zoom using the magnifying glass. If you are zoomed in and need to move to a different area, select the magnifying glass ang then click and hold on the picture to drag it.
  • The system does its best to recognize color areas but its not perfect. You may need to use undo and then click another area in a section to have the right area colored.

Optional Exterior Colors