Decor Boards

Optional Interior Colors

Paint Color Visualizer

Interior Paint Options
  • If you have an exterior photo of the home you want to use select Paint A Photo on the bar right above the picture. Select the Upload Your Photo image.
  • If you do not have an exterior photo, you can use one of their default images. Select “More Scenes” at the bottom right of the picture. This will let you select a different exterior or interior picture.
  • Below the home picture is a section of color swatches. Click Add Color then Search Color.
  • Type in the 4 digit paint number. Select the Plus on the Color Swatch that matches the number and name.
  • You can add a couple colors before going back to the photo.
  • When you are done adding colors, Press Cancel and then Close. That will bring you back to the picture.
  • Select a color from your color palette and then click on the photo where you want the color (trim, main body, eves).
  • If you need to Zoom use the magnifying glass. If you are zoomed in and need to move to a different area, select the magnifying glass ang then click and hold on the picture to drag it.
  • The system does its best to recognize color areas but its not perfect. You may need to use undo and then click another area in a section to have the right area colored.

Optional Exterior Colors