The Benefits of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

Let’s face it—managing a large home is a lot of work, not to mention woefully expensive. And it seems that no matter how hard you try, you never have enough time to do everything you want. Instead, you’re stuck cleaning a large home and maintaining the landscaping of a large yard. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could downsize into a smaller yet upscale home with a smaller mortgage payment and a smaller yet beautiful yard that is easier to care for? That’s what you can expect to experience when living in a manufactured home community.

The Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Before June 15, 1976, mobile homes often got a bad rap. But after this date, what we now call manufactured homes come with higher building standards and benefits that we just didn’t see in those past decades. Today’s manufactured homes are well-built and designed to last. Many of them are built in planned communities held to various standards to ensure you love where you live.

Transitioning to a manufactured home community doesn’t just mean swapping your old house for a new address—it’s about embracing a lifestyle that puts you first. These communities aren’t just places to live; they’re designed to enhance your lifestyle. Now, let’s dive into what makes manufactured homes such a smart choice:

  • Affordability: If you want to make your money go further, a manufactured home community is the way to go. With costs averaging between $40 to $50 per square foot, they offer a much more cost-effective option than modular homes, which can range from $40 to $80 per square foot. This means you can enjoy spacious living without straining your budget.
  • Modern Living Spaces: Don’t let outdated stereotypes fool you. Today’s manufactured homes feature contemporary designs and amenities, providing the stylish and comfortable living spaces you’ve always wanted, all while keeping your wallet happy.
  • Reduced Property Taxes: One of the unsung benefits of manufactured homes is the potential for lower property taxes. This makes them more affordable in the short term and significantly saves time.
  • Detached ADU Potential: For those seeking additional living space, whether for family or rental income, many manufactured homes are eligible for adding a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). This adaptability allows for even greater versatility and value from your property, all while keeping more money in your pocket.

The Advantages of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

While you may choose to build a manufactured home on an existing property, many people, especially seniors, appreciate the advantages that come with living in an existing community. Manufactured home communities are popping up everywhere, many of them catering to those that are 55+ or already actively enjoying their retirement.

In fact, the Manufactured Housing Institute suggests over 43,000 manufactured home communities in the U.S.— that’s over 4.3 million homesites! So, why are these communities so popular? We’re glad you asked!

1. More Living Space and Privacy

Unlike the cramped quarters of apartment complexes, manufactured home communities offer the luxury of space and privacy. Each home enjoys its own lot, eliminating shared walls and reducing noise pollution. This setup allows for multiple vehicles and builds a sense of individuality within a community setting.

2. Dedicated Maintenance Staff

The beauty of these communities is not just in their appearance but also in their upkeep. A dedicated maintenance team ensures everything from landscaping to repairs is handled efficiently, allowing residents to enjoy high-quality living without the hassle of investing personal time and money in home upkeep.

3. No Lawn Maintenance

You read the above correctly. Imagine a home where the beauty of your yard is maintained without lifting a finger. In many manufactured home communities, yard care is included in your resident dues. This perk means you can enjoy lush, manicured landscapes without the backbreaking work, giving you more time to enjoy your retirement or hobbies.

4. Outdoor Space & Community Amenities

Manufactured home communities excel in offering enriching amenities such as safe parks, dog parks, and swimming pools. These features, included in your lot rent, provide an enjoyable and affordable lifestyle, fostering a community where leisure and relaxation are just steps away from your door.

5. Rules & Regulations Keep Neighbors in Check

Have you ever lived next door to a neighbor who didn’t hold the same standards as you in terms of home and landscaping upkeep? That can be super frustrating and erode the community’s overall value. Established rules and regulations enhance the peace of mind that comes with community living. These guidelines ensure that neighbors respect each other’s space and peace, maintain tidy yards, and maintain reasonable noise levels.

6. Planned Activities

Community living is about more than just homes; it’s about a lifestyle. With a calendar full of planned activities, from social gatherings to fitness classes, residents have endless opportunities to engage, socialize, and stay active while forming lasting friendships.

7. Proximity to Others Like You

As humans, we thrive on relationships with others. And, when we build lasting friendships, we often live longer and experience a higher quality of life. Living in a community specifically designed for your age group or interests means surrounded by neighbors who share your lifestyle and values. This proximity gives you a supportive and understanding environment where everyone is working towards a shared goal.

Why ECM Homes Communities are Ideal for Those 55+

We know, we know—we hear it all the time. You’re sold on the idea of living in a manufactured home community. But the next question is, where can we find one? And we’ve got a great answer. ECM Homes has two established communities in the state of Washington. These communities are beautiful, safe, and have great neighbors.

We have planned communities in two locations:

And of course, if these two cities aren’t where you want to be, keep in mind that you can build a manufactured home almost anywhere! You can also head to your favorite online search engine and search for “manufactured home community near me” to check out all the listings. Between the communities offered by ECM Homes and what you might find on your own, the chances are high that you’ll find a manufactured home community in WA that you’ll love.

Ready to Build the Manufactured Home of Your Dreams?

If you’re ready for manufactured home and community living, you’ve come to the right place. ECM Homes is proud to be a dealer of Palm Harbor Homes. Why is this important? Because both ECM Homes and Palm Harbor Homes are both committed to building high-quality elite homes at a price point that buyers can afford.

To get started, please be sure to check out our floor plans and consider the options and upgrades that are important to you. Then, contact us for the next steps. We can’t wait to hear from you.