Upgrading Your Home: The Shift from Mobile to Manufactured Living

Homes on wheels have come a long way. Before 1976, we called them mobile homes. They were simple and easy to move, though they were rarely moved. The concept was that they could be moved on a large trailer if needed.

Then, the rules changed, and so did the homes. Now, we have manufactured homes. And today’s manufactured homes are far superior to the mobile homes of yesteryear. They’re built stronger, safer, and smarter. Knowing the difference matters.

Upgrading can mean a better home, more comfort, and saving money.

At ECM Homes, we help homeowners upgrade from outdated mobile homes to new manufactured homes that they’ll love.



Mobile Homes vs. Manufactured Homes: What’s the Difference?

Mobile homes and manufactured homes share a common beginning but follow different paths due to changes in standards and regulations. The key to these paths lies with HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD sets the rules for the construction and safety of these homes.

Before June 15, 1976, factory-built homes were called mobile homes. They were simple in design and often seen as temporary or less permanent housing solutions. These homes were built on metal frames, making them easy to move. However, they lacked strict safety and quality guidelines, which often led to issues with the quality of the dwelling and its longevity.

After this date, HUD introduced new standards to improve the safety, quality, and design of these homes. Now called manufactured homes, they had to meet these stricter guidelines. This change wasn’t just about a new name. It meant better materials, stricter safety checks, and more thoughtful designs.

Manufactured homes still share some traits with their predecessors. They’re built in factories, can rest on metal frames, and many are built on a slab foundation with concrete block skirting. But thanks to HUD, they offer a safer, longer-lasting option for homeowners. So, the main difference isn’t just when they were made. It’s about how they’re made to be better homes.

The Case for Replacement: Is it Time to Upgrade to a New Manufactured Home?

Thinking about upgrading your mobile home to a new manufactured home? There are plenty of good reasons to consider making the switch. From better financial terms to a more sustainable living environment, you won’t regret your decision.

Improved Financing and Interest Rates

Financing for manufactured homes is looking up. Thanks to more lenders entering the market, getting a loan is easier than ever. Plus, interest rates have dropped significantly in the last 20 years. This means upgrading is not just possible; it’s financially smarter. Lower rates mean lower monthly payments, making now a great time to consider an upgrade.

Increased Land Value

Your land’s value probably isn’t what it was when you first got your mobile home. As land prices rise, upgrading to a manufactured home can further improve your property’s overall value. This isn’t just about a nicer home; it’s an investment in your future. A modern manufactured home can improve your curb appeal, too.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Today’s manufactured homes are leaps and bounds ahead regarding energy efficiency. These homes can drastically reduce energy bills with better insulation, energy-saving appliances, and smarter designs. Plus, being more sustainable is good for the planet. Upgrading means enjoying a more comfortable home while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Diverse and Improved Housing Options

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all mobile homes. Now, manufactured homes come in a vast array of designs and sizes. Check out the many floor plans available at ECM Homes. Whether you’re looking for a tiny house design, compact two-bedroom, or a spacious family home of over 2,000 square feet, there’s something for everyone. These homes can be customized to meet your specific needs and tastes. We have all the options and upgrades you could hope for.

What Happens to Your Old Mobile Home?

It’s natural to wonder what might happen to your old mobile home when you move or decide to make an upgrade. In most cases, you have two options:

  • Sell your mobile home. Because you can move mobile homes, a buyer out there may be happy to take it off your hands. However, you must know when the home was built, and you and the buyer must obtain the proper permits to move the dwelling. You will likely need to obtain a Mobile Home Notice Affidavit. And, you may need to make some improvements to it before you can get a transportation permit.
  • Sell it for scrap metal. The other, typically the easiest option is to sell the parts of your old mobile home for scrap metal. You can often bring in $300 to $800 in recycled metal. In these cases, we will help you arrange for demolition and pick-up from a local scrap metal dealer.

ECM Homes is a Turnkey Service Provider

At ECM Homes, we make it easy for you to replace your mobile home with a new manufactured home that you will love. We take your through the entire process from selecting your floor plan, conducting a site visit, selecting your options, and more.

We’re proud to be the only upscale manufactured home dealer in the state of Washington that offers complete services from start to finish. We’re as invested in helping you find the manufactured home of your dreams as you are. And, your timing couldn’t be better. Contact us today and receive a free appliance upgrade when you purchase a new manufactured home.